Beauty lies in the attachment that doesn’t demand anything

How easy is it to cling to a possible circumstance. To people. To situations, feelings, places, people, music, art and literature. I often get surprised as how people get attached so easily, without even thinking about the possibility of their own existence without them. It takes so much courage to attach your own self to … Continue reading Beauty lies in the attachment that doesn’t demand anything

We Waste Our Moments

I think we waste our moments as they come. We waste it by overthinking. We waste it by watching them go by and not doing anything. And yes, sometimes we waste them by fumbling with the phone just to open the camera. What would that moment be, other than a photo in your phone, if … Continue reading We Waste Our Moments

Dear me – a letter to my future self

Dear future me, Don't change yourself just because someone judged you. You are not just what you look on the outside. You are all your abilities and flaws and emotions to the right extent. You are your experiences and your ambitions and your skills. Remember this. Don't let anyone think you are any less. You … Continue reading Dear me – a letter to my future self

Every moment has its worth.

"Every moment has its worth."Within this simple quote lies everybody's success. Don't agree with me? Read ahead and at the end of this post, I'm sure you will.There are different types of people in this world - some who hold onto their past and never live in the present, who regret what they did and … Continue reading Every moment has its worth.

3 Steps to Ace your Studies

Studies are a huge part of a student’s life. There's no second opinion that most of struggle to have a balanced life. And every time we see ourselves struggle, we make a mental note to work towards it. But do we always work towards it? Majority of people focus on "hard work" rather than on … Continue reading 3 Steps to Ace your Studies

Book Review – Envy Rots the Bones by Nina Blakeman

Title: Envy Rots the Bones Author: Nina Blakeman Status: Second book in a series           *The author sent a copy for review. These are my truthful and unbiased opinion.* BOOK COVER BLURB Venomous vipers of the mind twist throughout the ventricular crevices of the innocent, and the not so innocent. They … Continue reading Book Review – Envy Rots the Bones by Nina Blakeman